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Yumeya is located in Kijimadaira Village in northern Nagano Prefecture.

I create glass works while being surrounded by the nature of the four seasons.

In addition to selling accessories at the workshop,

you can also appreciate Hikari Ando's part de vert works,

You can enjoy the TONBO-TAMA experience slowly ♪

Nozawa class information

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Winter 2023

​Yumeya Gondola Studio opened

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in   Jon nobi

Yumeya Glass Studio opened in Nozawa Onsen

Its name is "Yumeya Gondola Studio"

You can experience it in a gondola on the site of "Jon Nobi", which is right next to Oyu.

It's like a spaceship and it's fun~♪

Why don't you make an original accessory with glass beads as a memory of Japan?


Nozawa class information

with a TONBO-TAMA original accessories

Let's make !

TONBO-TAMA is a ball made of glass with various patterns. Colorful and beautiful glass beads.

Choose from 3 different experiences

1. You melt the glass to make your own dragonfly ball, choose various parts and finish it as an accessory


2 Select the color and pattern of the glass and we will make the original dragonfly ball and finish it as an accessory


3 Choose your favorite dragonfly ball and various parts to make accessories

      We accept from 2 people (2 works)

※​Please call us for reservations on the day


Time required about 1 hours

Fee 3,000 yen

Reservation required


Nozawa class information





Tonbo Dama Experience Details


Melt the glass to make a dragonfly ball,

Finish with accessories.

You can melt and make your own, or order original dragonfly balls.

Finished sample


​​In front of "Jonnobi" near Oyu

スクリーンショット 2022-12-22 16.06.29.png
スクリーンショット 2022-12-22 16.06.29.png

The price varies depending on the ball

you chooseand the accessories you want to finish.


Connecting glass beads





Select the finished tonnbo-tama

and finish it

with your favorite accessory.


A lot of parts♪